December 20, 2007

Recipe, anyone?

Aren't these adorable? I wish I knew how she made them, I'd be afraid they wouldn't last, if I made them myself. Click on above image, to see the recipe better...this is one of my favorites!

Today we worked on our gingerbread houses...we had a friend and then, my niece come over... they each made a house and took it home, too.

There are lots of cool digital papers, fonts...I don't have the best software, but I can play around and see if this is something I'd like.Here is a free digital card for you to print:


JO said...

you are so creative- those ginger houses looks so pretty.

Kate O'Brien said...

That recipe looks fab! And those gingerbread houses came out really cute!

KJ-Starre said...

What cute houses! You must have had soooo much fun doing them!!

Thanx for the recipe.....real unusual...I don't know if my poor waistlne could deal with all those decacent ingredients tho' hahaha!

Fun L.O' seem to really be mastering digi...clever thing!

Samantha said...

Fun barrets and cool page! Your gingerbread houses turned out great. That recipe looks might yummy! TFS :)

inara said...

Merry Christmas!