December 3, 2007

Trolley ride...

This trolley was not attached to wire, but modernized and equipped with a bus-like engine. Olivia likes Mr. Rogers (a television show that is older than I am) and he always has a little red trolley that comes out and takes the viewers to make-believe land! We all thought it was great fun.
We had just come from a miniture train display, which was really beautiful. We especially loved all the details, the ice skaters that the train zipped past by, the icycles dripping off the houses, the Then, we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Next time, we hope to go ice skating. The rink freezes from equipment that is under it, because although today is VERY cold (30 or 35), it's often not cold enough to really keep it frozen. We skated last year with Aunt Sarah, Wally and Andrea.
These revolving doors are all over downtown, they're so much fun to walk around in!!! There are so many wonderful, fun things going on in the city.


inara said...

thanks for your kind comments on my blog!!! You were the very first one, since I just started it!!! :) I added your blog to my favorites!

KJ-Starre said...

What lovely looks like the trip to the city was fun for everyone!

Revolving doors remind me so much of New York, they are everywhere there too. We don't have any of those old wooden ones here, our city isn't old enough.


Samantha said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun in the city!! Great pics, too :)