December 9, 2007


I cut my hair.I like my new perky ponytail. Three inches off...yes, I did it myself. I'm kinda afraid to wear it down, but a ponytail hides any imperfections!

If you want to make a cute pretzel wreath to eat, or use as an ornament, or give as a gift to's on page 2. Great to make with kids!!!

Here is the, just
4 days later. We've had a TON of rain, it would've all been snow, if it were a few degrees cooler. When we got home from church, the girls were totally surprised to see their pile (here) that they'd shovelled on the deck and their snowman...just a little evidence left from their play...


Samantha said...

Cute!! I think I'd be too afraid to cut my own hair. I trim Travis' hair, but that's different!!

Samantha said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I actually took the picture myself along with a few others that I will hopefully scrapbook soon. I want to do an "All about Me" mini book :)

Marfa said...

Oh yeah, you should...more pics of you, with your crafts, too!!!

JO said...

You are BRAVE ! I'm also afraid to cut my own hair. I always go to salon, b'cuz I don't want to mess up. In Germany, I think I'm going to let it GROW long again. So, I don't have to find a hairstylist there. Anyhow - your hair looks great & you look great! I seldom see you w/ your hair down in pictures, so that would be nice ! a Hair down picture ??? What camera do you use ? I want a NIKON D40x DSLR, but I can't afford right now.

JO said...

oh , I forgot to say - you look very pretty !

KJ-Starre said...

Hi Martha...hiya doing? I love your hair...perky indeed. I too get fed up with my hair getting too long & chop off the back every now & then. I cut my DH & DS's hair too. Much quicker & cheaper.

Snow isn't it fun??? We are enjoying it so much here in Toronto.
Keep well.