December 1, 2007


Happy December! Last night, I was overwhelmed by this world, I'm used to feeling like I'm going to get run over by a fast car, people too busy on their cell phones, racing to get to the grocery checkout the fastest, and least of all someone mentioning "Christ," you know what I mean? Well, we went to the Ohio National's Victorian Village (it was all FREE) and we took a train ride from the parking area to the village, then walked to the mini post office, candy cane cottage, down to see the carolers, who sang enthusiastically and beautifully of Christ's birth! So many people volunteered to be out in the cold for a few hours, with a smile on their face, said "Merry Christmas!" It's only the beginning of December, but I pray I see more of this spirit and am able to be just as is hard not to get involved in the frenzy of buying!

Lastly, the girls sat on St. Nick's lap and Hannah said she didn't know what she wanted for Christmas, Olivia said she wanted a toy. They're not hard to please. If we really did the Santa-thing (I like to tell my girls the truth), they might have been prepared to whip up some dreamy wishes, I know Hannah would love a horse and Olivia would like a supply of pickles, shrimp and whipped cream!
We are without a furnace, the new one will be installed in a few days, but in the meantime, we are sitting around the fireplace and warming up our house with space heaters! Thank God we have electricity! Here's a recipe that will keep you warm:
Butternut squash and Coconut milk soup
2 cups butternut squash, cooked and mashed
1 can coconut milk
about 1/3 cup water
Curry to taste

In a deep large saucepan fry up butternut squash. Add coconut milk. Stir on medium to low heat. Add curry. Add water as needed. I think a dash of nutmeg would make it fabulous!


scrappyhappy08 said...

Amen to that I'm on a mission to really enjoy the holiday and the true meaning of "Christ"mas....Thanks for the link to the me ideas..I don't know if I'll be making too many though..Thats before I had a one year old..LOL....

JO said...

Hey, I like your "music" thing. Just kind'a makes it funner to read & listen to music. I agree - I don't really shop a lot on christmas. I hate shopping for big stuff. I usually go around the house & wrap up something that he/she haven't seen in a while. Something that was missing for a long time (Like a pair of socks) & wrap it up. I know that's silly, but it's a good laugh when they open the gift & it's FREE. I don't like spending a lot of money, money we don't have.

KJ-Starre said...

You are right.....wouldn't it be nice if Christmas was the same as the in old days when everyone gave eachother presents that they had made themselves....home know stuff from the heart. The true spirit of Christmas.

Cute pic of the girls....they don't seem too sure about Santa tho.


Samantha said...

Cute picture! I am so excited to hear that people are actually saying "Merry CHRISTMAS." Isn't Christ why we celebrate the season to begin with??