June 26, 2009


Eight years ago today this sweet baby girl joined Rob and make our life even more joyful!
We're having vegan cupcakes here from 2 to 4pm in our backyard to celebrate her birthday. Hannah wants to walk the tightrope (a jumprope fastened on our trampoline), paint face and make clown (poodle) it will be like a circus!


Mimi said...

Sigh! I LOVE this post! Many Years to Hannah and enjoy the vegan cupcakes.

Michelle M. said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Hannah! I'm sure my kids would love to be there for the party. Especially David, who seemed to have a crush on her :)

It looks as though Nathaniel and I may be going to London in about a week; so I am not sure when we will be able to meet up again. It probably won't be until August. But, let's please keep in touch and plan something as soon as possible!

Stacey said...

I hope you had a nice party:)
Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!

Pres. Kathy said...

Happy Birthday!

J.H said...

aww, is that your little girl? I love her ginger hair! She looks soooo lovely. Happy belated birthday!