June 8, 2009

God in our lives

I wore this dress to church on Sunday. It's tradition in the Orthodox church to wear green on Pentecost, a reminder that God comes to renew all of creation. I sewed this dress myself and hope to make another one like comfy!

While observing all of the seashells in the box, Olivia said "This is a necklace one...that's how God made it!" It had a tiny hole in it.

We had an ice cream social at church. Emma ate out of a bowl, then discovered what was in her bib!!!


Matushka said...

Great photos Marfa! I love the dress.

We love shells too! Every year we go to see Fr.'s parents at the beach and come home with a ton of shells. Love 'em!


DebD said...

wonderful photos! love the ice cream in the bib one especially.

KJ said...

Hello my friend....I love how your dress turned out. The white hem looks great & together with sandals & beads you looked gorgeous!!

We love collecting sea shells too...especially the green ones left behind from sea urchins.
Have a super summers day!

Michelle M. said...

The dress is beautiful- nice job!

Your girls are gorgeous. I wish our church had an ice cream social- yum!

Pres. Kathy said...

You look beautiful in your dress! I love it!!!!

Meadowlark Days said...

Lovely dress!

Yes, you can split rhubarb plants - I'd imagine just dig it up and split it in half. Maybe look online? Not sure if it would be better to wait until fall or not.

Jane G Meyer said...

Your dress is stunning...I love the Pentecost green!
I'm in a play-with-fabric mode, and now am even more inspired. Thanks for sharing!

Aleta said...

Oh I love that dress!!! Great Job! And from one mom to another trying to stretch a dollar, feel free to share my blog post on up-cycling!!