June 12, 2009


At the Butterfly Show at Krohn's conservatory (featuring butterflies of India this year), there was a bin of dress-up clothes supposedly from India. I thought this looked Peruvian...still Hannah looked lovely, don't you agree? Trying to make friends with a butterfly. We saw caterpillars, big ones and tiny ones, chrysalises and cocoons (silk worms) and lots of flowers, of course! One of our favorite books is still The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.
Olivia proudly holds a little cream and orange butterfly.
The Snap-on guy at work had a super cool computer chair to giveaway...Rob was the lucky winner. We've been using a chair that we got about 5 years ago from the Army trash (no joke), I'm SO glad to replace it!
We got to look after a cute little 8 month old guy for a bit yesterday! The girls had fun, we showed him how to play baseball in the backyard, jumped on the trampoline together, he sat on my lap on the swing and giggled at our dog, Lusy, catching tennis balls!


Michelle M. said...

I am so glad that you blogged about that exhibit! I am definitely taking my kids there... SOON! I guess we don't have much time. Punky has been obsessed with caterpillars all summer- he would love this!

The photos are adorable :)

Matushka said...

Such lovely ladies!


h west said...

GREAT dress!!! And oooo. . .butterlies. Fun times.

Anne Elizabeth said...

The exhibit looked like a lot of fun! I agree about the dress. It was cute though:) Loved seeing all the pictures.

Chrispea said...

Cool chair! What a fun adventure with the butterflies. They do the butterflies here, at the Phipps Conservatory. We went a while back. Cute little guy you got to babysit. :)

Loreluca said...

Don't you just LOVE to keep an eye on little ones??? My neighbor asked us to watch hers on Saturday, he slept most of the time!
Nah, doens't look Peruvian... Looks more Indian to me!

Emily R. said...

Yay the butterfly show! Our camps are going there all this week! Sweet!

Glad to hear your Art camp is going well! Tye-Dye is a summer camp staple. You have to do it :D