November 15, 2012

Transforming the backyard garden...

Rob tilled up the garden...we planted more lettuce and wheat.  There is still kale growing, it's green with purple undertones.  The girls each got a red oak seedling about 5 years ago at the library, they are both very pretty now...their leaves have turned a reddish hue.
Our tomatoes are ripening week of sitting on the windowsill!
P.S. We got our Christmas cards from Shutterfly (I won a $50 gift card on Jamie's blog!) and have been signing each one, address them to friends and family.  
I know it seems early, but last year I started preparing for Christmas in November, too. Get ready for your own a book-a-day countdown...we started last year and ♥ it, better and more meaningful than a chocolate calendar!

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elizabeth said...

yay! I need to get going on Mr. Husband and I's Christmas letter...