November 7, 2012

Last harvest...

We may still get a little more from our garden, but this is most likely our last harvest.  I hope all the green tomatoes will ripen up on the windowsill.
 We're saving these cobs of corn, so that we'll have seed for next year.   This fall weather is perfect for hikes, climbing trees and picnics as the sun sets...
Ever since I went to Scotland with my grandma when I was about 10, I've loved scones.  I made a batch which we ate them with clotted cream and raspberry jam.  When grandma passed away 10 years ago, I got her copy of The Joy of Cooking, which I treasure.  On the same page as the recipe for scones is a recipe for biscuits with a poem by Miss Howard Weeden:
Of course I’ll gladly give de rule
I meks beat-discuit by,
Dough I ain’t sure dat you will mek
Dat bread de same as I.
‘Case cooking’s like religion is –
Some’s ‘lected, an’ some ain’t,
An’ rules don’t no more mek a cook,
Den sermons mek a Saint.
I gathered all the ingredients to make the "Election day cake" (see previous post) and baked it in the bundt pan.  It needed something, so I made a glaze using butter, sugar & a bit more brandy.


GretchenJoanna said...

Joy of Cooking was my mother's stand-by, and she gave me a copy when I got married. When my daughters married, I gave them copies, too - but they are newer editions and have a slightly different collection of recipes.

I should look up the scone recipe in that cookbook. I haven't found the perfect scone yet!

elizabeth said...

very nice! what edition of joy of cooking?? I need to learn to make biscuits! :) sending HUG your way... :)

Jeannette said...

I am going to try forget seeing the picture of your beautiful cake and remember the lovely produce, the saved seed and the young one reveling in and under a tree.

Funny little poem...maybe it could be modified... and applied to the election?