October 28, 2007


This is Minty today, running around the yard (she doesn't fit through the fence links anymore, but used to...I jumped over our fence and ran around the neighborhood quite a few times looking for her). She's taking a break, munching on a carrot I gave her. Wally helped Rob move a great piece of furniture...I plan to store scrapbook supplies in it. The top level opens and there are 6 drawers which are about 13x13" each!

Rob made apple pie we ate that a la mode with Andrea and Wally, after they moved the shelf. Now, there's a fire softly burning, smoke coming out of our chimney, Rob is asleep on the couch, & Hannah and Olivia are playing with their dolls.Yesterday, I made some chicken noodle soup, I boiled 2 quarts of water, added some bouillon, chicken broth, leftover baked chicken and tri-colored carrots that I chopped up and dried parsley was hearty and filling! That's comfort food.


JO said...

looks like you had a FUN time w/ friends & had some good food too. That soup looks really good.

KJ-Starre said...

Ooh! everyone looks so relaxed, laid back & happy....signs of a good weekend! Fab storage unit! it is going to hold loads of scrap stash...nothing better than scrapping in a tidy scrap area!

MMmmm that pasta soup looks delish...but then again you are such a whizz in the kitchen, anything would look yummy!

{Sorry I missed your last post...I am not used to you posting so often :o)}

KJ-Starre said...

Oh, by the way thanks SOOOO much for the link to the scan you did of my CK page. I was so excited when I saw it that I posted your pic on my blog this morning. Thanks are a star!!

JO said...

OH I also like your new Drawer for scrapbooking. I would like to find one like that storage drawer.

All moments remembered said...

I am so coming to your house to eat!! Chicken soup and apple pie!!! HEAVEN!!

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Samantha said...

Wow! That's a great piece of furniture. Lots of possibilities there. The apple pie and soup looks yummers! And Minty is just adorable. Look at that cute little nose!