October 25, 2007

Keeping warm...

We went to a friends house for dinner recently, she just went to Japan and was showing us some of the things she bought (she gave us each gifts, Hello Kitty chopsticks and cupcake liners for the girls, a tea tin for me). I absolutely love the kokeshi doll she bought.

Wrapping it up... This is what we like to do: we make our own wrapping paper, using paper grocery bags and use the toilet paper roll as a circle stamp... wrap up a gift in newspaper or the comics! Can you sew? Make a simple re-usable bag out of fabric, gather the top and tie with a pretty ribbon. Do you have a 12 x 12 piece of paper? This box will hold a gift (half dozen cookies, handmade cards, a pair of socks, etc) that is 2 x 4 x 4 and can be used over and over, too!
It's really fall...temperatures are falling. Today we finally turned on the heat. We have the old hot-water radiators in our house. Rob and I plan to get the girls each a down comforter, we actually have 2 queen sized ones...they keep us so cozy and warm!

Below is one of my favorite layouts from this summer. It makes me shiver just to look at it, now that's the air is cool, but at the time it was sultry.


Samantha said...

Wow - you're just turning on your heater?? We've had ours on for at least a month now. It's been cold!!

I made yet another recipe from the book you sent me - glazed pork chops with grilled apples. YUMMY!! I just have to thank you again for that book. I'm planning on making almost every dish in there in the coming weeks!! Travis thanks you, too!!

Marfa said...

Oh, yeah...I love that one. Apples or applesauce go well with pork. Just like pineapples on baked ham...and I personally love pizza with pineapple chunks and ham!