October 9, 2007


Thankfully, we all live near each other, now. All 3 of my sisters and my parents are in Ohio, the largest distance, about 45 minutes by car from each my parents 4 and only grandchildren, are playing in their wagon over the weekend, together! Little Emma had been crying, but she seemed to enjoy the wagon ride, it soothed her and although she's looking down at the moment, I love it...

Here I am at Starbucks with my latest painting. "An Illusion of Light"
Hannah and Olivia icing the maple leaf cookies in the morning (notice the pajamas)'s my favorite time of day.
I am getting ready to order a bunch more photos from, they're having a 6 cents/print (4x6) sale!


Heather said...

Thanks for the tip on my blog, but i live in canada and it doesn't apply. I bought the little printer and i love it, check my blog on Thursday for details!

Eco scrapper said...

Love the painting! That is your work? Fabulous. I gotta order some prints from Winkflash too.

Samantha said...

Cute picture of all the girls! You're very lucky to live near your family. I miss mine terribly (I'm in WA and they're in CA), and I wish I was closer to them.

Congrats on having your art in STBX!! That's so cool. It's a lovely picture.

Oh, I'm going to try your cookie recipe tomorrow, but I don't know how to make home-made frosting. Do you think you could send me a quick recipe??

KJ-Starre said...

All my family live overseas, so we don't see then very often. You are SO lucky to have everyone close by...'cos in my opinion, family is everything! ;o)

The girls are looking adorable & the Mama is looking good too. Fab that your painting is in Starbucks!! You have talent you, should have your work on display. Well done!!

JO said...

I"m so proud of you ! You got talent & I'm glad your painting is on DISPLAY !
Keep the good painting coming !

Petronia said...

Interesting picture! Very nice.