October 18, 2007

Nature's beauty

You can find beauty in such seemingly simple things...they are really complex and inexplicable to me, God's creations are a mystery, a miracle... and I'm so thankful for every bit!Today at my work, their school, the children found leaves and did crayon rubbings. sister's cat cleaning is herself. She's such a sweet little cat, we're guessing she's about a year old, she just got her a month ago and has been out of town a lot lately, so we've been "cat-sitting."


Samantha said...

I agree - nature is a beautiful wonder! The leaf rubbing is so pretty. How do you like cat sitting so far? We have two felines, and they can be so sweet and such pills at the same time. Hope you're having a great night!

Samantha said...

Hi, Martha! I wanted to let you know that Travis and I made the curried chicken tonight. Yum-yum!! I think we added too much pineapple, but it was good nevertheless.

Also, you've been tagged!! By me!! Come visit my blog and read all about it :)

Marfa said...

I'm so glad it was good...I love trying new foods, especially exotic things (within reason, I doubt I'll ever try escargo)!